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Hi there, I'm Natasa! Welcome to my food blog! I am the author and founder of Cookhouse Diary. None of this would be possible without my partner in crime, my dear husband, Luka. Even though we are both in the IT world, he is in charge of all technical details on the blog.

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How I got started

When I lived with my parents, I rarely paid attention to cooking because my mom is a fantastic cook, and I grew up with her delicious homemade meals. After I moved to the US, I asked my mom to send me her amazing recipes to start recreating some of them. I would spend hours on Skype, talking to her while explaining my favorite recipes in detail. I started making some simple recipes, and at that time, I've never imagined that I would develop a significant cooking obsession.

What kind of recipes you can find at Cookhouse Diary

After years of gathering my family's traditional recipes and my newly created recipes, I've decided to share them with you. On this blog, you can find homemade and mostly healthy recipes that are easy to make yet tasty. I hope you'll like them as much as I do! :) Feel free to comment on my recipes and ask any questions. Thanks for stopping by; welcome!

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